Teachers, Teacher's Aides and other staff

We are a small school and as such do not hire vary often. We would be happy to keep any resumes submitted on file and contact you are soon as we have an opening. Resumes may be submitted to help@lehimontessori.com

Board Member

We are occasionally looking for new board members to fill a need on our board of directors. Our board may consist of Parents, Grandparents, and community members.


  • Attend all meetings of the board and specific committees.

  • Helps develop meeting agendas with school leader.

  • Promote meaningful dialogue at board meetings.

  • Complete tasks as assigned by the board.

Personal Qualities:

  • Has a passion for governance and inspires others.

  • Is approachable and available.

  • Is a good listener and communicator.

  • Shows integrity, respect, and humility.

  • Is a strategist and visionary thinker

  • Encourages open communication and constructive debate

  • Shows understanding and passion for the mission, values, and vision of our school.

To Apply: Please submit a resume to help@lehimontessori.com