Help our students by donating now!

Arizona Individual Tax Credit

Are you interested in a dollar for dollar tax credit against your Arizona tax liability?

It's just 3 Simple Steps to claim your tax credit

1) Choose from one of the four STO’s (Student Tuition Organizations) listed below.

2) Make a donation and list Lehi Montessori as your preferred school.

3) Claim your dollar for dollar tax credit when you file your taxes.

Individual Tax Credit -  Donate up to $1,308 for married couples filing jointly or $655 for single filer.

Overflow Plus/Switcher Tax Credit - give an additional $1,301 if married filing jointly or $652 for a single filer.

That's $2,609 for married and $1,307 for single!

Just click on any of the STO (Student Tuition Organization) companies above and designate Lehi Montessori as the recipient!

The STO company you donate to will send you a receipt to use when you file your taxes and you will receive a dollar for dollar tax credit against your Arizona state tax liability. Don't owe that much this year? No Problem! Either donate less, or donate the full amount and anything over your liability amount you can carry over to next years taxes!!

*For more information on STO donations, see our funding page.

Arizona Corporate Tax Credit

Here’s how it works:

*designating money to a particular student is prohibited from corporate donors

Donating to K-12 private schools can mean dollar-for-dollar returns on your business’s state income or premium taxes. It’s a win-win situation for the families in need, the community and you, the taxpayer. Help inspire a new generation of thinkers, teachers, and leaders by providing them with the specialized education they deserve.

Don't live in Arizona or don't need the Tax Credit? 

You can still donate! Lehi Montessori is a 501(c)(3) Corporation and we can accept charitable donations which you can usually use as a deduction on your taxes.

We are always in need of supplies and appreciate your donations.

We continually need:

Other ways to donate

Lehi Montessori Preschool is a 501(c)(3) corporation and your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law.

To donate by mail

Lehi Montessori

2415 North Terrace Circle

Mesa, Arizona 85203

Box Tops for Education

Instead of clipping, all Box Tops will be earned digitally via receipt scan.  

You’ll now download the new and improved, user-friendly Box Tops app, register and select a school, and then scan an eligible receipt containing Box Tops products.  You’ll earn 10 cents for each Box Tops product purchased plus extra earnings for any Bonus Box Tops opportunities.  The app will automatically add Box Tops to your school’s earnings online, giving visibility to see how you are supporting your school in real-time. 

Scholastic Books

The School's Scholastic class code is WCL8N . The school name is still listed as Lehi Montessori for the account.