Jennifer Shoemaker

(Miss Jennifer)

Executive Director

Email: jshoemaker@lehimontessori.com

Jennifer was born into a Montessori home and has been involved in Montessori her whole life. She has worked in several classrooms as a Montessori Aide over the years. Jennifer worked for Mesa Public Schools for many years running and maintaining their auditoriums, while training students in theatre basics. Jennifer taught Drama and stagecraft classes at Heritage Academy for 16 years. During that time she trained students to run sound and lighting, equipment as well as basic carpentry skills, costuming, time management, and cooperation. Jennifer's children have been in Montessori schools for the last 13 years. She considers the years involved in Montessori as a big part of what has shaped her love of learning. She is excited to be a part of Lehi Montessori's future.

Michelle Anderson

(Miss Michelle)

Assistant Executive Director

Email: manderson@lehimontessori.com

My family has been a part of this Montessori community for several years now and we love learning here! My roots in education began over 20 years ago as a classroom teacher for Mesa Public Schools. While teaching for MPS, I was able to continue my education and received a Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University, as well as endorsements for Reading, Early Childhood Education, and English as a Second Language. I love being able to work with all of your children in such a beautiful and peaceful school.

Skye Jones

(Miss Skye)

Elementary Teacher

Email: sjones@lehimontessori.com

My name is Skye Jones and I am excited to be back again on the Lehi Montessori team as the lead teacher! I received my B.A. from Grand Canyon University. I began my career in education at Heritage Academy as a Beginning Stagecraft Teacher. Since then I have worked with students in multiple roles at Westwood High School, Actor’s Youth Theatre, Montessori House, BASIS Chandler South Primary, and BASIS Phoenix South Primary. Throughout my years of teaching, I have found that students who are the most successful have had a love of learning instilled in them. Because of this, my desire is to guide each student on the journey.

Jill Middlebrook

(Miss Jill)

Elementary Teacher

Email: jmiddlebrook@lehimontessori.com

My family and I have been residents of Mesa for approximately 20 years. During this time I have received my AMI Diploma and my NAMC Diploma for primary and elementary training. I have 7 adult children, most of which attended a Montessori classroom through 8th grade. I love how that experience of Montessori helped shape each of my children into the individuals they are today. I have worked in a Montessori environment for most of my time spent in Mesa. I have worked with toddlers through elementary at different times of my employment. I have the unique experience of having worked in a large 60 student elementary classroom. My experience in having worked with such a broad range of children in age, maturity, learning style and individual personalities has given me a wealth of teaching tools and management skills.

Megan Henderson

(Miss Megan)

Kindergarten and Preschool Teacher

Email: lehiprimary@lehimontessori.com

Megan was born and raised in Arizona. She was home schooled and then attended Heritage Academy where she graduated in 2000. She was first introduced to Montessori when she was employed as an aide in the primary class at Montessori House in the fall of 2002. She received her AMI training from Mrs. Namal Vas and received her certificate in May of 2005. She has been teaching Montessori ever since.

Alex Klingler

(Miss Alex)

Kindergarten and Preschool Teacher

Email: lehiprimary@lehimontessori.com

I’m Alex Klingler and I’m so excited to be back! I had the pleasure of being here in Lehi from 2008 to 2013 when I graduated with my AMI diploma. I got my feet wet and tried a few different Montessori schools and wished I could come back to Lehi. I was thrilled to be able to come back. Lehi Montessori is the best! In my spare time I like taking drives, learning about nature, playing games and watching movies with my husband and two children. I’m looking forward to teaching and getting to know the children. It’s going to be a great year!

Karen Lewis

(Miss Karen)

Teacher's Aide

Karen was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. She graduated from Mesa Heritage Academy and Mesa Community College. Karen was introduced to the Montessori Method through a college course on Child Development. She is thrilled to watch creative minds at work as they learn and grow. She is accomplished in piano and the organ. Karen is in her 8th year of teaching piano. She specializes in early to late beginners. Karen currently volunteers to play for her church. Besides playing the piano, she loves singing, dancing, reading, exploring, and creating special moments with her friends and family.

Bonnie Osterman

(Miss Bonnie)

Special Education

Hi! My name is Bonnie Osterman. I am so excited to be here at Lehi Montessori! I feel like I have found a home, and I look forward to working with many of the children. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and I have been in the field for 11 years, 10 of which have been spent in Special Education. I have had the privilege of working with a variety of students from Preschool to 5th Grade and been able to gain insights to different therapies and strategies that have been able to help the students be successful.

My husband and I moved to Arizona nearly 30 years ago. We have two adult children a son and a daughter. My daughter got married in June, so we are excited that our family grew! I love animals, and have had my own fair share over the years including fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, birds, ducks, dogs and cats. I love nature and hiking, traveling and being on the water. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I have played piano and guitar and enjoy doing a variety of crafts including, scrapbooking, card making, sewing, painting, flower arranging, crocheting among many others.

Wyatt Bradsher

(Mister Wyatt)

P.E. and Robotics

I am the new P.E. and robotics teacher. I graduated from Heritage Academy in 2015 and have an Associates in Science from Mesa Community College. I am currently attending ASU for a degree in Information Technology. My hobbies include juggling, playing the didgeridoo, making chain-mail and uni-cycling. I am very excited to be working with the staff and students to have a happy, healthy and productive year.

Emlee Campbell

(Miss Em)


Email: help@lehimontessori.com